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Goods Return Policy

General of Goods Return Procedure
- Before a purchaser ships a product back to Leadingtouch, the purchaser must obtain a valid Return number. Boxes received without an authorized Return Number will be shipped back.
- DOA(Dead On Arrival) and RMA (Return Material Authorization) have different numbers, such as DOAxxxxx, RMAxxxxx.
- Return number will be issued by our service center.
- While you get Return number, you also get logistic information, such as delivery address, express claim account, custom information and others.
- Authorized Return Numbers will expire 45 days after they are issued.
- Only the Leadingtouch product and quantity specified on the original Return request can be returned with the Return Number issued.
- If returning additional products to Leadingtouch, a new Return Number should be required.
- If we receive a shipment containing products not authorized for return on that Return Number, we will ship them back to you as is.

Warranty Repair & Replacements
- Leadingtouch warrants that the product is free from defects in material or workmanship under normal operation.
- Normal "Wear and Tear" as determined by Leadingtouch, is NOT covered by this warranty.
- Details of Warranty terms and period are referred to your purchase order or commercial contract.
- Leadingtouch does not provide loaner units.
- Leadingtouch is not responsible for damages outside of its control including, but not limited to, physical damage, modifications to the product, improper packaging, improper storage and improper environment

Out of Warranty Repair Services
Warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to,
- Physical damage, modifications to the product
- Defected by improper packaging, improper storage and improper environment
- Products are not used for original purpose.
- If the products are maintained or modified by any maintainer unauthorized by Leadingtouch
- Product is out of warranty period
For those out of warranty service, Leadingtouch will charge a flat rate fee for the evaluation and repair of product based on particular case. Before proceeding with the repair of a product that is out-of-warranty, Leadingtouch will send the purchaser a cost proposal which must be signed for acceptance and returned.
Electing not to have Leadingtouch repair the product, the product will be returned to you as is.

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