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Solution for Kiosks

With the development of society and technology, information become more and more important. All kinds of information Kiosks line in streat. They are not only self-service cross-functional public information sharing device, but also out-door e-business platform. Leadingtouch touch products make kiosks interface nature and friendly. Colorful illustrated instructions can attract user’s attention. Intuitive and easy operations may help users finish their inquiry or transaction quickly. Pleasant experience and satisfaction may bring customers’ often visit.

Leadingtouch TM-1549, TM-1739, TM-1939, TM-2239 series rear mount LCD’s touchmonitors are designed for space saving and easy integration into kiosk,gaming machine where compact, touch-integrated display are preferred. Integrated with Leadingtouch’s IP65 level SAW, Resistive, Capacitive or Infrared touchscreen, configuration along with optional size mounting brackets, rear mount touchmonitors is dustproof, waterproof and can be easily customize into kiosks, cabinets, in-wall as well as other enclosures.

Leadingtouch touch products are reliable, stable, super sensitive, drift-free, dustproof and waterproof. If you are looking for such touch solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. Leadingtouch have been working closely with software provider, system integrators and kiosk system providers. We will work with you to seamlessly integrate our products into your total solution.

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