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Solution for Finance

Leadingtouch touch technology has proven itself to be the mostnatural and intuitive interface between people and technologyfor finance providers. With Leadingtouch touch product, you are no longer need to wait in a queue. Just touch and get a ticket which shows you how many people are in front of you. You can enjoy your time leisurely to be called. With Leadingtouch touch product, you will get what you want simply by touch what you see.

Leadingtouch touchscreens are dust proof and waterproof. Anti-Vandalism touchscreen is available for special application. With quick response, durability and long term reliability, Leadingtouch touchscreen can endure more than 7000000 times touch at a single point.

Leadingtouch have been working closely with software provider,system integrators and finance providers. We will work with you to seamlessly integrate our products into your total solution. If you’re looking for touch product for finance, you are obviously coming to the right place.

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