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Solution for Gaming

Leadingtouch touch products provide simple and intuitive interaction between operator and gamingsystem. Top quality LCD panels selected for wide viewing angle and high brightest contrast ratios, in combination with clearest pure glass touchscreens overlap, results in ultra images extremely suitable for slot machines, multiplayer machines,jukebox, horse Racing System, touch games and video card games.

Leadingtouch TM-1549, TM-1739, TM-1939, TM-2239 series rear mount LCD’s touchmonitors are designed for space saving and easy integration into kiosk, gaming machine where compact, touch-integrated display are preferred. With the following features, they are the wisest choice for gaming system.

  • High transparency
    helps maintain LCD image brightness to emphasize on-screen graphicshighlights the game's vivid graphics
  • High touch accuracy
    helps users consistently make intended and repeated on-screen selections
  • Quick touch response
    provides needed speed for demanding applications that require rapid game play
    Speed up basic play to bonus rounds, increasing the potential payout
  • Brilliant surface durability and scratch resistance
    help customers maintain the long-term operation and aesthetic appearance of their products
  • Long term reliability
    Enable equipment works 24/7 days without fault, reduce maintenance cost.
  • Dustproof, waterproof and anti-vandal
    Ensure system works reliably in harsh environment despite on-screen contaminants like dust, grime, moisture, liquid or violence.
  • Friendly versatile touch interface
    Improve service and customer satisfaction

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