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TouchBezel Solution for Surface Acoustic Wave

TouchBezel is Leadingtouch patent solution for easy integration to a touch display. Touchscreen is sealed inside top quality metal or plastic frame with customer assembly holes around, which is easy to assembly to the rear cover of customer’s display system by some screws. With Leadingtouch touchbezel, you may no need to custom another front cover for touchscreen integration and all integration process is as easy as assembly a front cover to your system’s rear cover. Now we have M type, L type and P type touchbezel for your choice to convenient your assembly.

Leadingtouch SAW touchbezel, integrated with Leadingtouch superior SAW touchscreen, is drift-free quick response and of high resolution. Its dustproof, waterproof, anti-vandal performances ensure it works well in harsh environment where dust and liquid is prevalent. All touchbezels combine with Leadingtouch Comb controller card, bring flexibility and convenience for you to use either USB or RS232 interface.

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