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TM-4758 47" Open frame Touchmonitor

Leadingtouch Open Frame LCD’s touchmonitors are designed for easy integration into kiosk, gaming machine, industrial enclosure and other installations where compact, touch-integrated display are preferred.

TM-4758 integrates the Leadingtouch’s IP65 level Infrared touchscreen, TM-4758 series is Dustproof and Waterproof touchmonitors.

TM-4758 is designed for space saving and easy mounting integrations.

The Open Frame configuration along with optional size mounting brackets would enable you to easily customize into kiosks, cabinets, in-wall as well as other enclosures.

TM-4758 will have Leadingtouch Combo interface with dual touch ports for convenience and flexibility. It will enable you to use both the Serial RS-232 as well as USB port for your touch application.

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