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SAW Multi-touch technology by Leadingtouch


In Dec 16th, 2009, Leadingtouch release its new SAW Multi-touch touchscreens. Instead of using a mouse or stylus pen, multi-touch allows the user to interact with the device by placing two or more fingers directly onto the surface of the screen. The movement of the fingers across the screen creates gestures, which send commands to the device.
SAW touchscreen with 6020M Combo Controller supports Leadingtouch Multi-touch SDK for Multi-touch function, also compatible with single-point touch function, under Windows 2000/XP/VISITA/Linux OS and Windows 7 OS, for all Leadingtouch 6”~26” SAW touchscreens. Customer can re-develop their own program with SDK files provide by Leadingtouch.
6027M is plug-play multi-touch-support SAW control card for window 7 system, which can support all Leadingtouch 6”~26” SAW touchscreens without necessary of installing driver. Customer can re-develop their own program with Win7 SDK file.

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